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   Featured Articles
Consumer Reports: Surprising Effectiveness of Tai Chi for Preventing Falls
How Community Programs Can Make Tai Chi More Effective for Falls Prevention
How Community Programs Can Make Tai Chi More Effective for Falls Prevention
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Tai Chi and Body Balance
Tai Chi for Therapy "Teacher in Training" course - an ATCQA Approved Continuing Education Course
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CDC to Disseminate a Community-based Tai Chi Fall Prevention Program
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   Scientific Evidences
CDC: How Primary Care Providers Recommend Tai Chi for Falls Prevention
Tai Chi May Help Gait Health of Older Adults
British Scientists: Five Reasons for Greater Promotion of Tai Chi to Prevent Falls for Dementia Patients
An Aquatic Tai Chi Program Improves Balance and Reduces Falls
What Most Tai Chi Studies about Improving Balance Didn't Tell You
Implementing an Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Program in Senior Centers
An Approach to Motivate Healthcare Providers to Adopt Tai Chi and Other Falls Prevention Strategies
Adoption of a Tai Chi Program for Fall Prevention by Rural Faith-Based Organizations
Harvard Medical School Studies Tai Chi for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Fall Risk Mitigation
Qigong Improves Balance in Young Women
Tai Chi Effective in Reducing Balance Impairments and Falls in Patients with Parkinson's Disease
Foot Forces Induced through Tai Chi Push-Hand Exercises
Study Shows Tai Chi More Effective than Physical Therapy to Prevent Falls for Frail Older Adults
Tai Chi: the Most Cost-effective Falls Prevention Strategy in Community-dwelling Older People
Effects of Long-term Tai Chi Practice on Balance and H-reflex Characteristics
Tai Chi improves standing balance of people with chronic stroke
Tai Chi as a Treatment for Balance Impairment


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