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Emerging Trends and Hotspots in Tai Chi Fall Prevention

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August 26, 2022 - Recently, substantial studies have increased around the topic of the tai chi fall-prevention field. In its July 2022 issue, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health revealed the current progress and hotspots in this topic.

The published article identified the core countries are the United States, China, Australia, and England, which are also the origins of the core institutions. Moreover, the result has revealed that J Aging Phys Act and J Am Geriatr Soc are the primary journals. Geriatrics and gerontology, sport sciences, rehabilitation, and gerontology are the leading categories.

Furthermore, one of the more important findings to come out in this study are that "elderly", "Parkinson's disease", "vestibular rehabilitation", "frail patient", and "community fall prevention" are the research hotspots. "Women", "proprioception", "cognitive impairment", "dementia", "osteoarthritis", and "stroke" are the potential research trend in the future.

These findings suggest that the tai chi fall-prevention field has a broad research prospect. Although several questions remain uncertain currently, it is worthy for scholars to do further study.




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