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Feasibility of Aerobic Exercise and Tai-Chi Interventions in Advanced Lung Cancer Patients

September 27, 2021 - A majority of lung cancer patients are diagnosed at advanced stages. Although there is considerable evidence of the benefits of aerobic exercise and Tai Chi for lung cancer patients, little is known about the comparative effectiveness of the 2 exercise modes in advanced lung cancer patients.

A research published by the journal Integrative cancer therapies explores the feasibility and preliminary effects of aerobic exercise and Tai Chi interventions on survival and well-being among advanced lung cancer patients.

In an assessor-blinded, exploratory randomized controlled trial, 30 advanced lung cancer patients were randomized to an aerobic exercise group, a Tai Chi group (both attending 12-week, twice-weekly supervised sessions), or a self-management control group (receiving written exercise guidelines).

Intervention feasibility was established with a satisfactory completion rate at post-intervention for the aerobic exercise group (80%) and the Tai Chi group (78%). The Tai Chi group attained higher adherence than the exercise group in terms of attendance in supervised sessions (89% vs 75% of scheduled classes) and self-practice (225% vs 87% of the prescribed amount). Higher adherence to self-practice in the Tai Chi group remained at the 6-month follow-up (81% vs 38% of the prescribed amount). No adverse event as a result of the intervention was reported. Effect-related outcomes did not show statistically significant changes in any group, except an improvement post-intervention in the up-and-go and sit-to-stand tests in the aerobic exercise group.

The findings support the feasibility of aerobic exercise and Tai Chi interventions in advanced lung cancer patients. A future study with a larger sample from multiple sites is recommended to confirm the comparative effects of the 2 exercise interventions relative to the self-management group and to enhance the generalizability of the findings.




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