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Liuzijue Qigong a Promising Option for Rehabilitating COVID-19 Patients

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February 26, 2021 - Among discharged COVID-19 patients, the health-related quality of life is poor, and patients suffer from significant physical and psychological impairment. A recent Chinese study published in the American journal Medicine in February 2021 was designed to investigate the effects of Liuzijue (Six-word Sound) Qigong exercise on the rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients.

Thirty-three eligible patients with COVID-19 were enrolled in the study after discharge. All the participants practiced Liuzijue Qigong exercise once per day for 20 minutes over 4 weeks. Data were collected at baseline and the end of the intervention. Primary outcomes involved functional capacity and secondary outcomes involved quality of life.

The maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP), peak inspiratory flow (PIF), and diaphragm movement in deep breathing (DM-DB) of patients increased significantly after 4 weeks of intervention. The dyspnea was also alleviated, and exercise capacity was significantly improved. In terms of quality of life, physical functioning and role-physical scores were significantly increased. Moreover, Liuzijue could significantly alleviate the depression and anxiety status of the patients.

Liuzijue Qigong exercise is a viable alternative home exercise program that produced better functional capacity and quality of life in discharged patients with COVID-19. These findings also showed the necessity of rehabilitation intervention for cured COVID-19 patients.




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