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The Sustaining Effects of Tai Chi Qigong in Promoting Psychosocial Health in COPD Patients
December 16, 2013 -
Some researchers from the Chinese University of Hong Kong recently completed a study to evaluate the sustaining effects of Tai Chi Qigong (TCQ) in improving the psychosocial health in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients in the sixth month.

COPD affects both physical and emotional aspects of life. Measures to minimize patients' suffering need to be implemented. In this study, 206 COPD patients were randomly assigned into three groups: TCQ group, exercise group, and control group.

Subjects in the TCQ group completed a Tai Chi Qigong program consisting of two 60-minute sessions each week for three months. They were advised to continue daily self-practice of Tai Chi Qigong upon completion of the instructor-led program. Subjects in the exercise group were taught to practice breathing exercise combined with walking as an exercise. They were also advised to self-practice the breathing and walking exercises daily. A diary was given to the subjects in both the TCQ and exercise groups to record the frequency of their self-practice. Subjects in the control group were instructed to maintain their usual daily activities. No extra exercise was recommended.

Significant group-by-time interactions in quality of life (QOL) using St. George's respiratory questionnaire and the perceived social support from friends using multidimensional scale of perceived social support were noted. Improvements were observed in the TCQ group only.

The researchers came to conclusions that TCQ has sustaining effects in improving psychosocial health; it is also a useful and appropriate exercise for COPD patients.

Their findings were published by the Scientific World Journal.




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