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The Effect of Three Different Meditation Exercises on High Blood Pressure

June 26, 2017 -
Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine recently reports a Chinese systematic review showing how Qigong as well as other components of Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) can be effective preventive means and valuable additional remedy for Atrial fibrillation (AF or Afib). AF is the most common cardiac arrhythmia, which is related to many cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases, especially stroke. It can therefore increase cardiovascular mortality and all-cause death. The current treatments of AF remain to be western drugs and radiofrequency ablation which are limited by the tolerance of patients, adverse side effects, and high recurrence rate, especially for the elderly.

Through physical exercises, Qigong regulates the Qi of human body, which is a kind of material with important function, thus achieving health protection and treatment of diseases. There has been scientific research confirming that Qigong training was well tolerated and, compared with baseline, trained AF patients had better functional capacity and physical rehabilitation.

In addition, Baduanjin, as one mind-body exercise of Qigong, could promote multisystem or organ functions (e.g., digestive and circulatory systems), increase immunity, make bodies relax, and improve mood and confidence of elderly populations. Investigations further showed that Baduanjin was an effective therapy for hypertension and dyslipidemia and could reverse adverse left ventricular remodeling in post-myocardial infarction patients. Additionally, it had beneficial effects on increasing antioxidant enzymes and reducing oxidative stress in middle-aged women by increasing superoxide dismutase and reducing malondialdehyde level.

Although Baduanjin was shown to be primary prevention of stroke in community old population with high risk factors, more rigorously designed RCTs about Baduanjin or Qigong and AF are still warranted. In summary, Qigong is a promising and noninvasive method for management of primary diseases and risk factors for AF patients, which need further mechanism researches.




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