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A Combined Tai Chi and Strength Training Program Helps Patients with Hip Osteoarthritis
January 16, 2015 -
The journal Archives of gerontology and geriatrics recently published a study that investigates the effect of a 12-week balance training program, the combined Tai Chi and Strength Training, on balance activity and aerobic capacity in patients with hip osteoarthritis.

Single-blind randomized grouping cohort study was conducted at a Chinese hospital from December 2008 to December 2011. A total of 81 patients aged from 60 to 69 years old diagnosed with end-stage hip osteoarthritis were recruited. They were randomly divided into two groups: training group and control group. Participants in the training group should do the Tai Chi and Strength Training program under family's supervision for 12 weeks. Parameters including WOMAC score, 6min walk test, stand up, walk test, situation of the hip mobility were compared between the training group and the control group by one-way ANOVA.

At the beginning of the experiment, there was no significant difference of baseline characteristics between these two groups. Participants in the training group could complete 87.1% of movements of the Tai Chi and Strength Training. After training, the distance of 6-min walk was obviously increased, and the time for up and go was significantly shorten, and self-reported functional status scores evaluated by WOMAC was improved. However, there were no significant changes in pain WOMAC and side hip motion.

The 12-week the Tai Chi and Strength Training program have good adherence, and can effectively improve balance and aerobic capacity status in patients with end-stage osteoarthritis, while this training cannot effectively alleviate the pain and improve hip motion of patients. Hence, further total hip surgery is necessary to solve the problems. This combined training program helps the patients prepare for the surgery.




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