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Assessment of Qigong Effects on Anxiety of High-school Students

July 28, 2021 - Students are vulnerable to developing anxiety, a psychiatric disorder closely related to emotional stress, when systematically stressed by classes, homework, and evaluations. Qigong integrates physical, respiratory, and mental exercises, inducing vegetative biofeedback with significant effects on physiological regulation.

A new study, performed in Cedros and Horizonte private schools located in Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal, aimed to assess the potential effects of specific Qigong exercises on students' anxiety levels and evaluate the feasibility of practical integration in a daily school context. Participants were 104 high-school students at the schools.

Participants were randomly divided into three groups: (1) an intervention group, the Qigong (QG) group with 34 students performing Qigong exercises; (2) a control group, the TV documentary (TVD) group with 34 students watching a TV documentary; and (3) a second control group, the typical school duties (TSD) group with 36 students performing regular school duties.

Anxiety levels were assessed through a psychological test, the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and salivary cortisol tests. Psychological and biochemical variables assessed at baseline and postintervention showed a greater decrease in anxiety levels in the Qigong group than in the other two groups.

Qigong seems to be an efficient tool to reduce anxiety and control the stress of high-school students. This study is published by the journal Advances in mind body medicine in its Summer 2021 issue.




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