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In Canada, A Pain Self-management Program with Tai Chi Ingredient Snowballing


   Scientific Evidences
Use of Tai Chi for Chronic Pain in Veterans Health Administration Has Implications for US Healthcare Systems
Qigong Helps Patients with Chronic Pain to Fight Substance Use Disorder
Qigong and a Tale of Two Back Complaints
A White Paper about Non-pharmacologic Strategies for Comprehensive Pain Care
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Baduanjin Qigong for Alleviating Musculoskeletal Pain and Improving Sleep Quality
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The Effectiveness of Tai Chi for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain Conditions
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Doing Tai Chi and Qigong May Reduce Opiate Use for Pain Management
Tai Chi May Be as Good as Physical Therapy for Knee Arthritis Pain
Pain-catastrophizing and the Effect of Tai Chi for Low Back Pain
Qigong for People with Chronic Pain
Qigong Might Reduce Cancer Pain
Tai chi Safe and Effective for People with Persistent Low Back Pain
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use among Adults with Migraines/Severe Headaches
Tai Chi, Yoga and Acupuncture Show Benefits for Treating Chronic Pain
Tai Chi Can Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms
Mayo Clinic: External Qigong Offers Fast Relief for Chronic Pain
Tai Chi for Tension Headaches


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