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Data Enhancement Method Shows How Tai Chi Improves Spinal Health in University Students

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February 27, 2022 - In recent years, spinal disorders, spinal deformities, and scoliosis have become more frequent, especially chronic systemic inflammatory diseases, such as early-onset scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis, and ankylosis spondylitis, which have unknown causes, insidious onset, and progressive development, resulting in irreversible spinal joint deformities and stiffness at advanced stages and high disability rates.

Tai Chi has the effect of strengthening the waist and kidneys, sparing the tendons, and softening the body, unblocking the meridians, unblocking the qi and blood, and strengthening the body and increasing intelligence.

To this end, Southern Medical University in China proposes a data enhancement method that uses the spine line as the control curve to deform the human contours, drawing on the moving least squares deformation method to fit a variety of scoliosis cases and increase the diversity of the dataset, thereby improving the generalization capability of the network.

The color map and depth map information are then integrated using a four-channel method and a dual feature extraction network structure to improve the accuracy of segmentation. You can find this research paper in February 2022 issue of the Journal of healthcare engineering.




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