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How Qigong May Benefit the Physical and Cognitive Performance in Young Sedentary Females

March 26, 2021 - A new study performed by Burapha University, Thailand, aims to evaluate the effects of Qigong exercise training for 8 weeks on selected physical, cognitive, and biochemical outcomes in young sedentary females.

There were 41 females with sedentary lifestyles participating in the Quasi-experimental and placebo-controlled study. They were allocated to Qigong or to the control group randomly.

Physical performance (estimated VO2 max) significantly increased after Qigong training compared to the control group. Working memory increased after intervention only within the Qigong group but changes did not reach significance between the groups. Changes in neutrophils (potential mediators of inflammation) tended to be improved in the Qigong group in comparison to the control group. Body composition remained unchanged.

These findings, published by Alternative therapies in health and medicine, indicate that 8 weeks of Qigong training increased aerobic capacity and tended to improve working memory in otherwise sedentary young females. Neutrophils tended to decrease within the Qigong group. Thus, it was speculated that enhanced oxygen supply to the brain and the decrease of neutrophils adhering to cortical capillaries might have contributed to improved cognitive function.




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