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Maximize the Effects of Tai Chi by Using Music
March 21, 2016 -
A new study by Tulane University in New Orleans examined whether practicing Tai Chi along with music can maximize the effects of Tai Chi on compliance and fall-related risk factors (Dynamic Gait Index and fear of falling).

Eighteen women aged 50 to 84 years (9 White, 9 Black) were recruited from a community senior center. Six of them were randomly assigned to a TC in silence (TC + S) and the other 12 assigned to a Tai Chi with music (TC + M) class.

Thirteen participants (4 in TC + S group, 9 in TC + M group) with completed pre- and posttests were included in the final analysis. Paired t tests were conducted to examine changes within groups over time and analysis of covariance was used to assess group differences.

After 15 weeks of intervention, balance increased in both groups with significantly higher benefits in the TC + M group. Fear of falling scores improved in TC + M group and compliance rate was higher in this group.

Conclusions: practicing TC + M may help increase adherence in White and Black middle-aged and older women, and maximize the effects of Tai Chi on fall-related risk factors. Studies with more rigorous study design, including musical considerations, are warranted.

The American Holistic Nurses' Association published this study in its official journal in March, 2016.


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