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Feeling the Form: Visualizing the Muscle Movements through Single Whip

by Lisa Rawson, ATCQA Certified Tai Chi Instructor  and instructor at Empire Tai Chi

Photo courtesy of Empire Tai Chi

Understanding what is going on inside the body as we do the Traditional Yang Family Style Form greatly enhances our ability to feel the inner workings of the body, which in turn, deepens our experience. Put in another way, knowing what muscles we are moving at any given moment helps us to visualize the movement and connect with it on a deeper level.

While this is true for any movement in the form, Single Whip provides a particularly good case study. It is not only one of the more complex movements in the form but also one of the most frequently repeated ones, occurring 5 times in the short form and 11 times in the long form. By taking a close look at the muscles utilized in Single Whip, we can not only build a better understanding of the movement but also enhance our ability to experience it.

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