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The Effectiveness of Tai Chi on Physical Performance, Balance and Muscle Strength among Older Adults

September 27, 2021 - The journal Aging clinical and experimental research published a study in this subject. A total of 27 studies with 2580 older adults met the inclusion criteria. The pooled analysis indicated that Tai Chi could be more effective in Times up and go (TUG), 5 times sit-stand, and handgrip strength outcomes compared to Ba Duan Jin and Qigong. The older adults performing Qigong could have a better benefit in Single-bed balance (SLB) with eyes closed compared to Tai Chi and Ba Duan Jin. Tai Chi also had benefits in terms of balance outcomes compared to those in the control group. The Tai Chi study meta-analysis demonstrated significant effects on lower limb strength: knee extension, ankle dorsiflexion compared to the controls.

This systematic review reveals that TCM-based exercises can effectively improve physical performance outcomes, balance outcomes, and muscle strength in the elderly population. While there is limited evidence on the efficacy of other TCM-based lifestyle interventions, more high-quality clinical trials on this topic are warranted.




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