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Seated Tai Chi Helps Older People Using Wheelchairs
February 16, 2016 -
The Dayeh University of Taiwan teamed up with Griffith University of Australia to compare the effect of seated Tai Chi exercise to usual activities on quality of life and depression symptoms in older people using wheelchairs.

Eighty-six residents from a long-term care facility in Taiwan were screened; 60 were eligible and randomly assigned to Tai Chi group or the usual activity group.

One certified trainer provided the intervention group with 40 minutes of seated Tai Chi exercise, three times a week for 26 weeks.

Participants in the Tai Chi group recorded significantly lower depression symptoms scores than participants in the control group and the Tai Chi group registered significantly higher scores across overall Quality of Life, general health, and the associated domains: physical health, psychological health, social relations, and environment.

The findings, published in the February, 2016 issue of Complementary therapies in medicine, highlight the importance of Tai Chi in improving quality of life and depression in this population.


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