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Tai Chi vs. Ballroom Dancing for the Balance in Healthy Elderly People
June 22, 2015 -
A group of researchers from Brazil did a study to determine whether Tai Chi or ballroom dancing promotes better performance with respect to postural balance, gait, and postural transfer among elderly people. They evaluated 76 elderly individuals who were divided into two groups: the Tai Chi Group and the Dance Group. The subjects were tested using the NeuroCom Balance Master force platform system with the following protocols: static balance tests (the Modified Clinical Tests of Sensory Interaction on Balance and Unilateral Stance) and dynamic balance tests (the Walk Across Test and Sit-to-stand Transfer Test).

In the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Balance, the Tai Chi Group presented a lower sway velocity on a firm surface with open and closed eyes, as well as on a foam surface with closed eyes. In the Modified Clinical Test of Sensory Interaction on Unilateral Stance, the Tai Chi Group presented a lower sway velocity with open eyes, whereas the Dance Group presented a lower sway velocity with closed eyes. In the Walk Across Test, the Tai Chi Group presented faster walking speeds than those of the Dance Group. In the Sit-to-stand Transfer Test, the Tai Chi Group presented shorter transfer times from the sitting to the standing position, with less sway in the final standing position.

The elderly individuals who practiced Tai Chi had better bilateral balance with eyes open on both types of surfaces compared with the Dance Group. The Dance Group had better unilateral postural balance with eyes closed. The Tai Chi Group had faster walking speeds, shorter transfer times, and better postural balance in the final standing position during the Sit-to-stand Test.


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