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Growing From a Tai Chi Student to a Tai Chi Instructor
The Earth Element in Tai Chi
I Landed a Full-time Job Teaching Tai Chi at VA!
The Tai Chi Scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water
Reviving a 32-year-Old Martial Arts School Hit by the Pandemic
An American Ambassador of Tai Chi to Africa
Drink Your Tea
How We Have Kept Tai Chi Classes Going in the Pandemic
Our Group Practice of Tai Chi and Qigong During the Pandemic
TRANSFORMATION: Tai Chi Movements with Verbal Affirmations
Survey: Looking Back at 2020 and Looking Ahead to 2021
ATCQA Survey Results: Have You Restarted In-person Classes?
VA Survey: Tai Chi Brings Significant Health Benefits to Veterans
The Idealist and Pragmatist View of Qi in Tai Chi and Qigong
Survey: Have You Restarted In-person Tai Chi/Qigong Classes?
Teaching Tai Chi Online: Moving from Fear to Competency
Latest Trends in Tai Chi and Qigong Use Among American Adults
Zhan Zhuang - Standing Like a Tree Trunk
An Evolutionary and Revolutionary Journey in Teaching Tai Chi
My Donation Classes during Holidays
The Success of Qigong at Medical Center Senior Program
Musings in the Desert
How a Project Manager/Engineer Blends Tai Chi in His Work
A Metaphor for Practicing Tai Chi
As New Year Starts, Plan Your Personal Development
Why a Doctor Calls His Tai Chi Instructor "Mentor"
Feeling the Form: Visualizing the Muscle Movements through Single Whip
New Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommend Tai Chi
Waist and Knees
The Soft Answer - a Verbal Tai Chi System
Integrating Tai Chi Helps Doctors Improve Patient Satisfaction
The Four Dimensions of Purpose
The Silent Strength of Wuji
Dragon Dao Yin, a Complement to Tai Chi and Qigong
Bodymind vs. Mindbody, Integral vs. Integrative
Nobel Prize Puts Complementary Medicine in Spotlight
In a Class by the Author of "Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi"
Practice Tai Chi and Qigong on the Beach, by the Road and on the Plane
CDC: Tai Chi Highly Cost Effective for Preventing Falls
The Tales of Two Integrative Health Programs with Tai Chi & Qigong
A Small Move by Congress, a Big Leap for Tai Chi and Qigong
The Lineage
How Qigong May Help Abused Women
The ATCQA 2014 Contests Winners Announced
My Perspective of Balance
ATCQA Launches 2014 Contests
Key Tai Chi and Qigong Events in 2014
Wall Street Journal and Fox News Run Reports about Qigong
Thanks for Giving, the Tai Chi Way
Decode Tai Chi PRACTICE
What Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act) Means for Tai Chi
ATCQA-certified Tai Chi instructor Named Outstanding Adjunct Faculty by the Largest Community College District in the U.S.
When I Contract with Community Centers and Nursing Homes
Reuters: Tai Chi, the Staple in Senior Citizen Centers
Jet Li Teams Up with Chinese Business Tycoon to Start a Tai Chi School
"Matrix" Actor Talks about His Director Debut with Movie "Man of Tai Chi"
How I'm Expanding My Tai Chi Classes into Big Hospitals
How I Worked Wonders for My Students
Harvard Medical School to Release Tai Chi Guide
Tai Chi Teachers Creating 3D Online Tai Chi Learning Game
The Four Enjoyments in Tai Chi and Qigong
The Fitness Trends in 2013
The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Certified as ATCQA Teaching Center
Every Teacher is A Student and Every Student is A Teacher
A Top American Physician: Practicing Tai chi May Promote a Longer Life
When Am I Going to Get It?
Working Wonders with Tai Chi for Special Olympics Athletes
Tai Chi, My Passion: Growing Into Myself
Push Hands in the ER: A Surprising Benefit of Tai Chi in Hospitals
A Special Class of People
The 14th World Congress on Qigong & TCM to Take Place in May in Toronto
ATCQA 2012 Writing Contest Winners
ATCQA 2012 Writing Contest Winners
Consumers Win Big at Consumer Electronics Show Digital Health Summit
Tai Chi and Qigong, My Passion for Life!
Tai Chi and Qigong – Part of the Global Awakening?
The 2012 ATCQA Writing Contest
In 2012, What Will Be Hot in Health and Fitness?
Meditation Can Reduce Health Care Costs
Keanu Reeves Moving Ahead With MAN OF TAI CHI
Tai Chi, One of Dr. Oz's Health Boosting Secrets From Around the World
Jet Li to Produce and Star in a New Movie about Tai Chi
A Tucson Tai Chi Teacher’s Reflection on the Shooting Tragedy
Exercise is Medicine
From "Warrior" to "Healer": A Former FBI Agent and Army Soldier's New Mission
The Treasure Missing in Many Tai Chi and Qigong Practices
Back-to-school Checklist for Your Tai Chi or Qigong Classes
Tai Chi, Qigong, and the 2012 Phenomenon - Can a Mind-Body-Spiritual Thriller Change the World?
Dairy Farmers Practice Tai Chi for Organic Cows to Raise Milk Yields
Tai Chi and Qigong Practice at Beach or in Flight
This July 4th, an America Record for Tai Chi May Be Set
Tai Chi and Qigong - the Green Exercises Inside Out
Do Tai Chi or Qigong While You Golf, Run, or Swim


   Scientific Evidences
Biomechanics Analysis of Seven Tai Chi Movements
How Qigong May Help Prevent Drug Relapse
How Veterans Affairs Used Telehealth for Tai Chi and Qigong During COVID-19
Tai Chi Reduces Drug Craving in Women
The Joint Biomechanics of Different Skill Level Practitioners in Chen-Style Tai Chi Punching
Qigong Changed Sexual Function Satisfaction in Spanish Postmenopausal Women
A Call to Use Tai Chi to Improve Recovery From COVID-19 and Long COVID
Data Enhancement Method Shows How Tai Chi Improves Spinal Health in University Students
Diversification of Holistic Practices, Including Tai Chi & Qigong, in a Large City
Tai Chi and Qigong for Executive Function in Middle-Aged and Older Adults
The Most Popular Tai Chi Style and the Most Studied Health Benefit During 2010 to 2020
How Qigong May Benefit the Physical and Cognitive Performance in Young Sedentary Females
Effects of Qigong on Health among African Americans
Testing a Mobile App for Delivering Qigong Training
Drinking Problems Make People More Likely to Do Tai Chi or Qigong
Brain-Mind-Body Practice and Health
Evidence and Feasibility of Implementing an Integrated Wellness Program
Qigong Breathing Exercise May Help Weight Control
How Prevalent Are Tai Chi and Qigong in the US Workforce
Qigong for Injured Military Service Members
Maximize the Effects of Tai Chi by Using Music
Effectiveness of Tai Chi on Physical and Psychological Health of College Students
Judging the Aesthetic Quality versus Technical Skill in Tai Chi Movements
Can Social Support Enhance the Benefits of Tai Chi?
Tai Chi Shows More Positive Impact on Quality of Life than Gym Exercise and Book Clubs
Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Increases Positive Lifestyle Factors
The Construction Principle of the Tai Chi Diagram
Influence of Personal Patterns of Behavior on the Effects of Tai Chi
The Defense Technique in Tai Chi Push Hands


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